Lice Repel Conditioner - ClearLice

Lice Repel Conditioner


  • Creates protective shield over the hair
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth
  • Repel products do not treat lice, they help to prevent infestations
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ClearLice – Repel Leave-in Conditioner

ClearLice Head Lice Repel Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect partner to ClearLice Repel Shampoo in prevention steps against lice infestations. It is safe to use because it contains a gentle combination of natural ingredients.

After applying the leave-in lice repel conditioner, hair not only looks and smells fresh and clean, but it helps prevent lice from grabbing onto the hair shaft and leaving their nits. For best results, mist ClearLice Head Lice Repel Leave-In Conditioner over the hair after it is dry. It is safe for both kids and adults to use, and gives everyone in the family a healthy, shiny look while protecting against infestations.


ClearLice Repel Leave-in Conditioner Includes:

1- repel conditioner 8oz. bottle


Why Should I Use the ClearLice Repel Leave-In Conditioner?

Imagine never having to worry about getting out the nit comb again to fight yet another round of lice infestations. The natural formula derived from botanicals and essential oils means that ClearLice Repel Leave-In Conditioner helps prevent head lice from ever occurring in the first place.

  • This product is manufactured and tested in an FDA certified lab in the USA, further evidence of ClearLice’s commitment to families.
  • This product is ph-balanced and does not contain poisons, pesticides, or any of those harmful chemicals you try to avoid for your family.
  • The spray bottle for the leave-in conditioner is easy to use
  •  The repel conditioner leaves a refreshing peppermint scent.


Using ClearLice Head Lice Repel Leave-In Conditioner every day can help decrease the chances of contracting head lice. It is a proactive step to help prevent lice infestations, especially when you hear they are happening in the classroom or you are worried about the kids at summer camp. The product is also safe enough to use every day if you live in an area where lice infestations are common. For best results, use ClearLice Head Lice Repel Shampoo before application.