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Lice Treatment Shampoo


  • Treats lice & nits
  • No poisons, pesticides, or harsh chemicals
  • Natural peppermint scent
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ClearLice – Head Lice Treatment Shampoo (Treats One Person)

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo is a natural option for treating lice infestations, using ingredients that come from botanicals, essential oils, and other gentle yet effective sources. The ingredients combine in a powerful way to fight against lice infestations, whether at the egg stage of development (known as nits), or at the adult stage of the lice life cycle.

The shampoo breaks down the bodies of the lice and prevents them from being able to lay new eggs. It also loosens the tacky glue that lice use to make their eggs cling to the shafts of hair (which is why standard shampoos just cannot eradicate the nit problem).

ClearLice treatment shampoo is the best lice treatment shampoo on the market, not only because it effectively targets and treats lice infestations at these stages of development, but because it can do so without the risks that other treatment options pose. The special combination of ingredients are free of poisons and harsh chemicals, and leave hair with a fresh, natural, peppermint scent from the essential oils.


ClearLice Treatment Shampoo Includes:

1- lice and nit remover shampoo 8oz. bottle


How Does ClearLice Treatment Shampoo Treats Lice and Nits?

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo breaks down the physical bodies of lice to prevent them from laying eggs and maturing.

    • Homeopathic additives and enzyme complexes work to destroy the lice at the exoskeletal level.
    • Continued use of the shampoo as directed after this process starts helps ensure that the lice are completely destroyed and nits do not survive.
    • The product is safe for kids as well as adults – and effective for both.
    • Chemical-based products pose risks that lice will grow resistant to the ingredients. ClearLice Shampoo does not pose this risk.
    • ClearLice Shampoo is safe to use immediately after attempts with other lice shampoos fail.
    • For best results, use the shampoo with the Treatment Conditioner.


Many lice treatment shampoos contain ingredients that will only kill mature lice during an infestation. ClearLice attacks both lice and their eggs, without the need to re-treat the hair a week later (as many other lice treatment formulas will instruct).

Use the ClearLice Head Lice Shampoo with Lice Repel Shampoo and Lice Repel Conditioner to keep the lice away once finished with the ClearLice Treatment is complete.