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Shower Cap


  • Use with shampoo to protect your little one’s eyes


ClearLice – Disposable Shower Cap

The ClearLice Disposable Shower Cap is an important piece in the efforts to treat lice infestations. It keeps the ClearLice Treatment Shampoo from running into the eyes during treatment, and it also keeps the products in place so they have the opportunity to do their jobs – remove lice and nits.

The best shower cap on the market, this valuable part of the lice infestation battle makes the job of removing lice easier and more effective. It can be challenging to treat children for lice infestations – kids might have little patience for anything that requires them to even have their hair washed. The cap prevents shampoo from running into their eyes and is a gentle reminder that they have a product in their hair. Treatment can feel long for kids who might have a hard time remembering to keep their head from touching anything from the sofa to the floor – the cap helps address those issues, safely.

The lice shower cap is transparent and latex free, and one-size-fits-most. After using as directed, which often means leaving in place for about 40 minutes during the first treatment, the cap can be thoroughly rinsed with warm water to be used again in the treatment process.


ClearLice Disposable Shower Cap Includes:

1- shower cap


Why Should I Use the ClearLice Shower Cap?

Whether you are treating your young child or the treatment cap is for your own use, it plays an important role in the process.

    • The cap is perfect for those treatment sessions where about 40 minutes are needed to let the shampoo work before rinsing.
    • It is transparent and latex free.
    • It comes in a one-size-fits-most style.
    • Once it has been used as directed, wash the cap thoroughly with warm water. It can then be used again in the treatment process.


The ClearLice Shower Cap helps to keep the shampoo in place while it works, and prevents any treatment formulas from dripping where you don’t want them to go, making treatment for lice infestations as easy as possible.