Single Size Lice Prevention Kit - ClearLice

Single Size Lice Prevention Kit


  1. Repel Shampoo – 1 bottle
  1. Repel leave-in Conditioner – 1 bottle

Fresh peppermint scent that kids love and lice hate.
Formulated to Use every day during lice season to help keep lice away

  • Natural ingredients (No SLS or Parabens)
  • Softens and strengthens hair
  • 2 bottles (8oz each)
  • Repel products do not treat lice, they help to prevent infestations
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ClearLice – Single Size Repel Kit

For those who have already fought the lice battle, or who are worried that their child might be exposed at school or camp, the ClearLice Head Lice Single Size Repel Kit is safe to use every day to help prevent a head lice infestation. The natural, pesticide-free ingredients of the lice prevention shampoo and conditioner products are perfect choices for people wanting to get away from the harsh and often dangerous chemicals of head lice products and instead want a natural, yet effective, way to keep the bugs at bay.

ClearLice Repel Shampoo is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (sls), a chemical commonly found in other treatment and prevention options. The shampoo is also tested and manufactured in an FDA certified lab as part of ClearLice’s commitment to providing quality, safe products to families. The ClearLice Repel leave-in conditioner leaves hair with a refreshing, natural peppermint scent that head lice avoid.

ClearLice Single Size Repel Kit Includes:

1- Repel Shampoo 8oz. bottle

1- Repel Conditioner 8oz. bottle


Why Should I Use the ClearLice Single Size Repel Kit?

The ClearLice Repel Shampoo and Repel Leave-In Conditioner are designed specifically to be used on a daily basis to help lower the likelihood of a head lice infestation from ever starting.

    • While most products on the market target removing lice infestations, this Repel Kit works to help prevent the lice battle in the first place.
    • The lice prevention shampoo is a great option when there are outbreaks in classrooms.
    • The all natural ingredients include essential oils and botanicals – gentle enough for everyday use but strong enough to repel head lice.


To use ClearLice Head Lice Repel Shampoo, apply the product to wet hair and then gently massage it into the scalp. Then simply rinse as with standard shampoo products. After drying and styling the hair as usual, mist the ClearLice Repel Leave-In Conditioner over the hair. This creates a barrier between the hair and lice – but one that smells good and leaves hair looking naturally soft.


The ClearLice Single Size Repel is:

    • Cost-effective
    • Safe for the whole family
    • Easy to use, even every day
    • Free of poisons
    • Free of pesticides


It is important to note that these products do not remove current lice infestations, but work to repel future ones. To remove lice and nits, be sure to use the ClearLice Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment options, which also use all natural ingredients to safely and effectively fight head lice.

A head lice infestation can be a challenge. It can take time to fully eradicate the bugs from family members and the environment. It can cost time away from work or school. Taking preventative measures to avoid a lice infestation is cost effective, safe, and easy with the ClearLice Repel products.