Stainless Steel Nit Comb - ClearLice

Stainless Steel Nit Comb


  • Perfectly spaced to comb out dead lice & nits
  • Rounded tips do not scratch or hurt scalp
  • Large handle for easy combing
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ClearLice – Stainless Steel Nit Comb

It is one of the must-haves for effectively treating lice infestations – a quality stainless steel nit comb. The ClearLice nit comb is designed with metal teeth that are precisely spaced, essential for effectively removing even the tiniest and most stubborn nits that cling to hair shafts with their powerful glue.

The grooves are CE Certified and the tips are rounded to protect against hair damage and also reduce pulling and snagging. This makes the nit comb safe to use even on children.


ClearLice Stainless Steel Nit Comb Includes:

1- CE certified stainless steel nit comb


Why Should I Use the ClearLice Stainless Steel Nit Comb?

When it comes to removing the pesky lice nits, it is essential to have a quality nit comb to use in the process.

    • The stainless steel construction makes this comb strong and durable to withstand repeated use.
    • The teeth are precisely spaced so that the comb can move smoothly through the hair. This ends those tear-inducing moments of painful snagging.
    • The nit comb adheres to all health, safety, and quality requirements in order for it to bear the CE label. This is another step in efforts by ClearLice to provide the best lice treatment options to families.


For best results, use the ClearLice Stainless Steel Nit Comb in combination with the ClearLice Shampoo and Conditioner Treatments. Once these treatments which use natural ingredients such as essential oils, are complete, follow-up with the ClearLice prevention products to keep the lice from returning to your home and family.